Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the standard warranty, and what’s covered?

Your product will be covered for a 30 day period only unless you register your purchase with us during the 30 day period from purchase. Should you register your product it will be covered with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Please email us using our contact form stating the reason you wish to claim against your warranty. Please package the relevant item securely and send it to us using a tracked postal service. We will then have our engineers look at your product and contact you with the relevant options, we will then co-ordinate with the manufacturer to repair or replace. Should your item be over a 90 day period from the date of purchase and become faulty we will only replace the item with a product that is equivalent to the one originally purchased or an item that is of an equivalent value and specification should the original item purchased have been discontinued or be out of stock. We will not refund an item that is over 90 days from the date of purchase.


We will provide you with the full returns information. Our returns address will be provided with our returns procedure. Failure to send a returned item back to the correct address will result in your claim becoming delayed and possibly void. Once the item is received we’ll issue a refund for the product to your original payment method. If the item has been used i.e. protective film have been removed / box is damaged / items missing you will not receive a refund in full/ if any accessories have been used or are missing then this will be deducted from the refund.

A restocking fee of 30% of the original item will apply if the item can no longer be classed as new. Please note that any items returned which you claim to be faulty or incomplete are checked and verified by our technicians if the item is deemed faulty we will repair/replace or subject to terms and conditions refund. If your product is deemed sound and in good working order then you will be informed via e mail of the options available to you.

Damaged in transit

If your goods are damaged in transit, we ask that you report this within 24 hours of receipt of the goods as all sent items are tracked and have a delivery time/date. All contact should be done through email message system. We will then provide you with the full returns information. Once received back into our warehouse, your item will be tested by our technical department and may take a few days. We will contact you and give you the options available to you.

If your goods become faulty within the warranty period, we ask that you initially contact us through email message service. We will then provide you with the information and procedure to follow. Once received back into our warehouse, we’ll test the returned items, if the item is deemed faulty you will be contacted with the options available to you, if a returned item is found not to be faulty by our technicians then we will return the item back to you, in this instance the return postage will be covered by you .All returned items must have all original items sent to you with a copy invoice, the reason for the return or problem incurred with the unit. Failure to do this may result in delays in dealing with your item and more importantly void your warranty. We would appreciate if you were to give the Tablet a full charge prior to sending back this will cut lead times down.

We will not cover the following:

  1. Damaged by user error i.e. being dropped/knocked or damage by water.
  2. Software damage caused by re flashing of the tablets ROM or BAD APP downloads.
  3. Where damage is found on or in the tablet hardware.
  4. Any product which indicates misuse for example signs of impact.

All items have a warranty void sticker internally to prevent the tablet from being tampered with. If the sticker is removed or has been tampered with without our knowledge, then the warranty will be void.

Please note

Should you have damaged your item we will help you bring your product back to life we are here to help and would like you the customer to be completely happy with your purchase. Our technical department will always assist in repairing or replacing damaged parts. We carry various spare parts as accidents do happen this will result in a small labour/parts cost but will be a fraction of the cost to replacing the item completely.

Do you sell an extended warranty or accidental damage policy?

No, we don’t currently offer an extended warranty or accidental damage policy.

Will it accept a memory card?

Yes, and by purchasing a Micro-SD Card you can actually increase your available memory from 16GB up to a maximum of 32GB.

Can I use a USB mouse or keyboard with my tablet?

Yes. All you need do is purchase an adaptor called an OTG cable and connect a full size USB to the micro port.

Can I install Windows on it?

Unfortunately the Windows OS isn’t an option on our tablet yet.

Can I install Microsoft Office on it?

No, however you can download a clever App to it called ‘Documents To Go’. The free version will allow you to read Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. As an alternative you can also download "Pro Office Suite" for free from the Google Market site.

Can I upgrade the Android operating system on it?

Only our GMS model will upgrade. The other two models Android version is not upgradeable on it, and will always run on the version that you purchased it with.

Can I connect it to my HDTV?

Yes you can. By purchasing a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, you can connect your tablet to an HDTV so you can watch movies, play games or view slide shows on a bigger screen.

IT Pods will not sync?

Press and hold both power buttons on each of the pods, when they are both flashing both red and blue pick one pod and double tap the button this will sync the pods together. Only one will flash red and blue, now go to your smart device and switch Bluetooth on and find the pods called 'i9'.

My IT Smart Door Bell will not connect?

Please make sure the plastic tabs are removed from the batteries, press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds and let go, there should be a red light flashing around the main button, this is ready to sync. Carefully follow the instructions in the manual to connect the door bell to your smart device. 

Please make sure you door bell is located in an area that has sufficient WiFi coverage otherwise the door bell will not work correctly.